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23 September 2006 @ 02:19 pm
Attention everyone! Start getting on the bus to the nearest trans-dimensional gateway, because Cluster Prime is now officially OPEN!!! I hope everyone has adjusted to the program Phalanx, but let me give a few refresher courses on how to get to Cluster Prime.

Step 1) Download the Phalanx client at http://www.bhlabs.com/downloads/px/inst_PhalanxFull.exe

Step 2) After installing, you're almost ready to go! Go to file > Connect to a server. You should come to a prompt that looks like so:

Step 3) Give yourself a name, type in the address as shown, and voila, you will enter the Cluster Prime metropolis!

Remember that sometimes there will be a bit of construction going around, because there are rooms and hot spots that still need to be added. Remember that even though there's a room list, there are hidden rooms so be sure to check all the doorways! As I stated, the theatre is a feature that is currently not available just yet. It is a priority I get it working for the people who have never seen MLaaTR.

Now, for avatars, they're easy to make. Here are the guidelines to making avatars:
Edit > Import image as avatar > High Color (20 bit)
Edit > Paste image as avatar > High Color (20 bit)
Pixel size max: 132x132 or 17424 pixels for those of you who might want a more exact number.
Note:When you import an image as an avatar, Phalanx will automatically resize it for you so you don't have to. When you paste an image as an avatar, Phalanx will not resize it.

You are not restricted to Teenage Robot avs, I welcome any and all, so long as they're age appropriate. Now then, let's refresh the rules!

1) Do not use excessive vulgar language.
2) Please make sure your name is age appropriate, this is an all age planet.
3) Do not harass any visitors.
4) Do not wear avatars that would be considered pornographic/offensive to anyone.
5) Do not abuse the paging system.
6) Have a good time!

If you see anybody breaking rules, please page me and I'll take care of it. Leave the following details: name of offender, your location, what they're doing wrong. I need the name and location so that if the offender tries to escape, I can keep track of them.
For example: 'page xXDistraught StarXx in Oil Can Joe's who is wearing a pornographic avatar.

I look forward to meeting all of you. And if you want to help get the word out about Cluster Prime, just use the following image I threw together! I look forward to seeing the bright faces of the Teenage Robot community!!

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